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For an affordable solution to your business and personal tax difficulties.

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For an affordable solution to your business and personal tax difficulties.



Certified Tax Resolution Specialist

We Can Help

  • Tax Levies & Liens
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Asset Seizure
  • Tax Preparation & Extensions
  • IRS Fresh Start Qualification Assistance
  • Filing Returns for Unfiled Years
  • IRS Audit Defense
  • Business & Personal Taxes
Road to Tax Freedom

Step 1: Consultation

Our experienced professionals will hear your case and provide you a fee tax analysis discussing the best potential resolutions toyour tax liatility.  At IRS Tax Resolutions er understand the pressure you face and how to turn your situation around, in order to protect. your livelihood.

Step 2: Investigation

Our investigation process begins by filing a Tax Authorization Information Form 8821 with the IRS and /or the appropriate form for the State Taxing authority on your behalf in order to obtain a complete record of your account. Upon completion, we will contact you to discuss the best way to address the problems.


Step 3: Results

The resolution phase of our process begins by gathering more in-depth financial information and documentation in order to prepare an in-depth proposal for submission to the IRS and /or State.  Our team is here for you and our goal is to not only fix your tax issues but to keep you tax debt-free in the future.

5 Star Reviews

“I have been using Joe for the last 27 years in doing my taxes. I have called many times for help and information. He has always been there for me. He is very knowledgeable and has been very professional. I have moved from Texas in 2017 to New Jersey and still use him. I would recommend him anytime.”

Richard Osborne

“Mr. Becker with 1040 Plus and IRS Tax Resolution Experts is known to be highly knowledgeable about the business he performs. He goes above and beyond when it is time to help you not only with your taxes but any advice you need financially or business-wise he is the man to talk to about. He had shown me examples of his expertise on some resolutions I got in my favor from the IRS itself.”

Roy Sandino

“The reviews say it all. I can’t believe we didn’t find Joe sooner. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, and has a refreshing sense of humor. Helped us with our past taxes we hadn’t filed and made filing this year a walk in the park. Thank you!”


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